Michelle is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with. She has the perfect temperament for a VA – she is always cool, calm and collected. She is supremely organised, proactive, her work is faultless and is carried out with the upmost professionalism. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Michelle and she handles any task, not matter how big or small, with the same positive attitude and attention to detail.

I have recommended her services to several people and they have all told me, without exception, what an asset she is to have around. Having Michelle as my VA gives me peace of mind and the knowledge that I have someone I can rely on and trust supporting me and my business and helping me to grow and thrive. She is always encouraging and incredibly supportive. Even in lockdown Michelle never skipped a beat and was invaluable in helping me and my business navigate through a very challenging year.
Eva Simpson – Daily Mirror Columnist; Founder, ES-PR Ltd and Powerlist Editor

Last year we engaged Michelle as our content and coordination wizard, shaping our resources and messaging through her creative flair and bringing our brand to life. She brings a world of organisation, order and a fresh perspective. She’s a pleasure to work with, delivers on time, is proactive and an asset to our team.”
Susie Guthrie, Founder, 42Think

“Michelle you have nailed my branding. For your FIRST ever go? Are you serious?! I work with graphic designers and this is on their level of brilliance. WELL DONE!!!
I have never been more excited to fill in a PDF. You nailed it. Absolutely nailed it, smashed it, crushed it. 100000000%
How did you get in my head over email when we didn’t even speak on the phone and all I did was send you pictures and copy? Mind blown. If I knew how to create a document, THIS WOULD BE IT.
I want you to celebrate how fantastic you are”


“So impressed with the work of Michelle & SRM Virtual Admin. Very high quality work, amazing attention to detail, very responsive and super professional.
Someone I can really trust with my business.
5* Highly recommended!”
Michele Leathley – Holistic Healer

“There’s lots coming together – a huge thank you for your efforts. I really value your input!
Couldn’t do this without you!

Lis Barron – Pranamama Yoga

“Michelle has saved me untold time and stress – she has taken away the bottleneck in my business and helped me grow it. Nothing is too much trouble. She is doing a brilliant job with my social media, helping me with slides and workbooks and generally taking a huge weight off me, so I can concentrate on the things I do best. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Claire Mitchell, The Girls Mean Business

“I have worked with Michelle for several months now and feel very much like she’s an extension of my business. She brings clarity and creativity to my business and organises her workload around my own. I’ve never had to chase her to complete a job within a timescale and she often works from her own initiative, spotting things I’ve missed, or being proactive in suggesting alternative ways to do things. As a sole trader, it’s great to have somebody to bounce ideas off and I’d highly recommend Michelle to anybody looking to use the services of a VA.”
Sarah Heron, Online Colour and Style Consultant

“Michelle has helped me repurpose my entire back catalogue into fresh pieces of content for social media. As a Canva Queen, she saved me countless hours on tasks I would have used as an excuse to disguise my procrastination. Also a great listener and sounding board, I would recommend Michelle to any business owner looking to lighten their load.”
Melissa Packham – A Brand Is Not A Logo

“I am a very busy mental health counselor who owns a thriving group practice. I have so many dreams, goals and plans that can feel out of reach due to time restrictions. Michelle came highly recommended from other people in my professional community and I am so glad that I followed through with her! Michelle has been a tremendous asset to helping me grow my brand and business online. She is always professional, kind, dependable and reliable. Her design work is creative and beautiful, which helps me to convey my message with excellence. Michelle’s work helps me feel more confident in building my online brand and reaching my goals. I highly recommend her!
Rosa Jones, Freedom Support Services

“Hiring Michelle was one of the best things I ever did! She’s much better than me at putting together design work, sorting out blog posts, dealing with my engagement images and creating my workbooks. I don’t know what I’d do without her!
Well actually I do, I’d be about 2 months behind on where I am now with my business!!”
Melissa Davin-Smith, Connect Convert Club

“Even though our collaboration is only recent, I liked Michelle from her very first email!
Her positivity is contagious and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.
She is very well organised, has excellent planning skills and she is full of great tips.
She is a mind reader and she even anticipates my requests!
I’d strongly recommend her to time-poor business owners like me!

Luciana Scrofani-Green, One Stop Language Solutions

“You, lovely lady, are a big shiny jewel that throws light over my business.
I feel like you understand what I’m trying to say in my clumsy way and you work your VA magic and everything comes together magically.
Myself and my business would be lost without you”

Helen McQue, McQue Health & Acupuncture Suite

“Michelle has been an absolute godsend for me and my little business and I don’t know why I didn’t contact her sooner. I have been running my business for 10 years and decided it was time for a re-branding exercise to try to bring it into the 21st Century.
Michelle has great ideas and, combined with her brilliant eye for design and organisational skills, it’s meant that I could offload all of those tasks that I had been putting off for many years.
Michelle has designed a fabulous new business logo and all of the business stationery that comes with it, updates my social media and comes up with fresh ideas on how to further market the business, which I would never have though of.
Without doubt, the amount of hours she has saved me pulling my hair out attempting to do these tasks myself has been worth it’s weight in gold!!!

Danielle Monden, Hidden Pretty Gifts

I would definitely recommend Michelle. Not only is her work amazing, she is also lovely to work with, efficient, innovative and always brings a positive vibe to any project.
Sandy Calleja Portelli, Lignin Stories

“Michelle is a gem to work with. She is caring, professional and gets stuff done without fuss.
My inbox got out of control and I dreaded opening my emails. Now it’s all streamlined, updated and I’m happy to go in and get stuff done.
I like the fact that Michelle consulted me and then got on with everything and regularly updated me as she worked through the different tasks.
Am super happy we have connected and I look forward to working together again. Highly recommended – thank you!

Ntathu Allen, Yoga Inspires

“I have an amazing award winning VA from the UK. I love her social media presence and the way she is active there. That is why I initially chose her over everyone else.
Her follow-through and task completion is impeccable and she is wonderful.
I was very hesitant to hire a VA because of all the horror stories out there. I went on the internet and did a search on IG. As I was scrolling through, I always clicked on her posts. Suddenly I realised it was always hers.
Then I messaged her on FB and two days later, I had hired myself an amazing VA”

Mari Uusitalo, Marketing & Mindset Coach

“Michelle is a brilliant VA. She understood my company vision immediately and with very little guidance.
Since she joined my team we have achieved more brand cohesion than ever before and have developed highly efficient systems to keep our social media regular and attractive.
All my programme materials now look stunning and clients keep coming back for more.
Michelle is reliable, trustworthy and caring, a real asset to any business owner.”

Dr. Giuliana Fenech, Founder, Lignin Stories

“I was very pleased to have recently worked with Michelle and employ her VA services to help me on a couple of projects. She was super speedy, communicative with accurate timescales and a high quality and standard of work. I’m very happy with the work she did for me and will definitely be using her again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her”
Hayley Comber-Berry, Her Brand

” I needed some content creating and Michelle picked this up for me, understood the brief and turned it round quickly and efficiently. She has a keen eye for detail, creative flair and a ‘can do’ attitude”
Deborah O’Grady, The Brand Coach

“Ah Michelle, you’ve done it again!!! Wow. You’ve taken something that was a big headache of mine and turned it around quicker than I ever could have done. You must also have some special skill of taking the fog out of my head and turning it into something coherent. Thanks so much for this proposal, it’s spot on! Sorry, had to text because you’re a superhero!!!
Sharon Davis, Director, Dales PR & Marketing

“I just wanted to say what an incredible job you’ve done with the newsletter. TOTALLY exceeded my expectations and without me having to give you very much direction. Feeling so grateful to have you on Team Noobies and just so excited to start using it….and getting you to create more beautiful Canva stuff!! Thank you again!”
Sarah, Founder and Director, Noobies

“A really big, huge and massive thank you to you for all that you do. I couldn’t do it without you.
Planning and getting my business to grow is a full on job and I know without you digging in and designing wonderful graphics to boost my online presence, I wouldn’t have seen my client list grow as quickly as it has done
I’m really loving the graphics that you’ve designed. I feel that they really give a true understanding of me and what I’m aiming for with regard to my business growing further. You’re a VA Wonder Woman!”

Helen McQue, Owner – McQue Acupuncture

“I just wanted to say thanks for your outstanding work. Getting my new business off the ground in such a short space of time would just not have been possible without your input. Whilst I was grappling with the website graphics and wording, you were busy crafting social media posts and designing graphics to complement my logo and colours. This meant my business promotion was ready to go at least 3 weeks earlier than it would have been. As a result, I feel in control of the launch of the business knowing fundamentals are in place. Working on this on my own would have been so time consuming and pressured. Thanks for your help getting me to this point so much faster”.
Paula, The Better Business Bee

“I’ve known Michelle for many years personally, so when I asked her to help me organise some aspects of office management at my business due to having grown considerably over the last two years, I was staggered at her efficiency, knowledge and just the ability to get the job done!
Michelle is sometimes unsure of her ability, but proof of how good she is comes from the tasks Michelle completes, on time, highly accurately and with conviction. It was such a massive step for her to set up her VA business, but in such a short time she has built her credibility, her customer base, her following, but most importantly for me, Michelle is finally believing in herself!
Well done Michelle, you are a highly professional, incredible lady. Good luck in everything you do!

Diane Shakespeare, Director – Optimum Skills

“Michelle is amazing!
A virtual admin assistant is the way to go forward in your business, whether it’s long term, or for a specific online project you need help to promote, Michelle is a must.
Professional, with a great eye for detail.
My business needed a structured, streamlined approach for my online presence to grow and, after a month of working with Michelle, it has doubled.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle and her business”.

Helen McQue, Owner – McQue Acupuncture

“Michelle it is stunningly beautiful I am speechless and in tears and so grateful for you.
The pictures and quotes you pulled were exactly the right ones. I love it! I will look in more detail tomorrow, but I must say it is truly beautiful.
You have such a good eye and you clearly have a talent for this.
I am proud to have you as my VA!

Mari Uusitalo, Director – Irresistible Communications

“I discovered Michelle through a referral. She has saved me so much time so that I could focus on other areas of my business. Her work was punctual, accurate and to the standard that I required.
I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle”
Nicole Higgins, Director – The Buyer & Retail Coach Ltd

“Brilliant Job – just wanted to say that you have done an absolutely fantastic job with the graphic for Show the Love.
You definitely have a flair for creating eye-catching memes and graphics. They are brilliant – thanks so much!”

Jan Taylor, Owner – Indigo Soul

“Michelle’s help was just what I needed. She is extremely professional and efficient in her work. I will use her services regularly now – I would be stupid not to!
Michelle Corbin, Owner – Michelle Corbin Design

“Anyone needing a VA, I thoroughly recommend Michelle. So easy to work with – she is a dream!
I was so scared to outsource work at first, but the fact is, the more I outsourced in various sectors, the more time I have to build and shift my business model into what I’ve always envisioned it to be! Work smarter not harder!”

Stephanie Flint, Owner – Rural Cleans

“Hiring Michelle as a Virtual Assistant has been a huge time-saver for me, and helped me to focus my time on developing my business.
Michelle is responsive and friendly, hardworking and diligent, and seems to always get things done quicker than expected!
She is happy to take on any social media or admin related tasks, follows the job descriptions carefully and does everything she can to make sure her work meets my (high!) expectations.
With her help, I’ve managed to grow my Instagram account to over 16k.
Thanks Michelle!”

Anne, Founder and CEO, Kempii

‘Michelle has been an absolute godsend! I don’t know how I ever managed without her. She will do anything requested really quickly and it’s as though she can read my mind, knowing exactly what to say.
She is very efficient and friendly too and I know we will be working together for a very long time. My advice – do not hesitate to book Michelle.
I’ve freed up loads of time posting on social media and writing sales emails and newsletters, giving me more time to be creative. It’s wonderful having someone I can trust to hand everything over to!
Thank you so much Michelle! You are awesome!!

Jan Taylor, Indigo Soul

“Sorry for the text, but I just have to tell you you are amazing!! Typing those notes up felt like such a weight on my shoulders because today is my Mums and Baby class and Tesco shopping day – where was I going to squeeze it in? I can’t believe I have it in my inbox before 10.00 am and it’s spot on!
Thank you so much – I really hope your talent is valued by many and you get lots of work this year (but not so much that you can’t work for me!!!)”

Sharon Davis
Director, Dales Marketing/Dales Business Women

“Working with Michelle was an absolute dream and life-saver. I have never worked with a VA before, but as a new business owner, decided to try it, as I am a great believer in delegation, something that never actually used to be a quality of mine, but now I totally understand and appreciate it’s value.
The project given to Michelle was delivered ahead of schedule, over a weekend I might add. The brief was given with very little notice, and the work returned outstanding.
As a business owner, time is precious, as a mum time is precious, and that particular weekend, thanks to Michelle and her amazing services, allowed me to focus on my family, and still deliver the task.
Would I recommend Michelle’s services? 100%
Will I use Michelle’s services again? 100%
Was it great value for money? 100%
Thank you Michelle, for your professionalism and enthusiasm to deliver great work and on-time, I really did need and appreciate it”

Johanne Holman, Inventor and Inspirational Coach

Michelle has been a great help to my company. She has completed a wide range of administrative and marketing tasks to a high standard and is extremely efficient and fast, making her very good value for money. Working with Michelle has freed up my time so I can focus on bringing in more money to the business. I’m looking forward to an ongoing working relationship with Michelle!”
Sharon Davis, Director, Dales Business Women & Dales Marketing

“It’s meant that I’ve still been able to achieve my goals, despite having a newborn….there’s no way I’d have been able to get my business to where it is now if I hadn’t started working with you!”
Sharon Davis, Director, Dales Business Women & Dales Marketing

“I have worked with Michelle now for over 7 years and I would describe her as being extremely professional and efficient in her field.
She is very reliable and dependable, with a vast amount of experience, and this is evident in her work.
I have always found Michelle friendly and approachable when advice has been needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone for their admin requirements”

A Cairns, Foster Carer

“I have used Michelle’s services for 2 years for all my business support needs. She has always been ready to do whatever is needed and is efficient and reliable with her work.
I would recommend her services to all Clinical Psychologists working independently”

Dr Nikki Hill, Aspire Psychological Services Ltd

“In the dim and distant past, myself, my husband and 2 business partners decided to set up an Independent Fostering Agency from scratch. We had high ideals and standards from the outset. Some of us had worked briefly with Michelle in the past and I had previously interviewed her elsewhere. We felt strongly that she would be the right person, with the right qualifications, ability, aptitude, motivation and ethics to be our Admin Manager.
We were not wrong! She set up all admin and recording systems, organised all relevant documentation (creating many new documents) all to an exceptionally high standard.
Michelle was pivotal in enabling the agency to succeed with Ofsted and Contractual inspections and took on more roles and responsibilities as the agency grew, ultimately becoming the Executive Assistant in Operations. She was (and is) highly valued by both staff and foster carers. When my husband and myself decided to retire at the end of 2017, we knew she would be instrumental in helping to maintain the standards and ethos that we had established and prized.
We have no doubt that any work she takes on will be completed to a very high standard and would recommend her to any future employers or clients”

Marie-Rose Gregg, Director – Beta Foster Care