40 Page Canva Workbook Template

This 40-page Canva workbook template consists of both content pages as well as worksheets and charts, making it the perfect online course resource or e-book.

You can easily customize all text, images, fonts, and colours to match your brand, using Canva’s super easy drag-and-drop platform.

The workbook includes:-

1 x Title Page
1 x Contents Page
1 x About Us Page
1 x Daily Plan
1 x Weekly Plan
1 x Monthly Plan
2 x Step-by-Step Process Pages
1 x Three Day Challenge Page
1 x Seven Day Challenge Page
1 x Thirty Day Challenge Page
2 x Infographic Pages
1 x 3-Circle Comparison Chart
1 x Reflection Page
8 x General Text & Graphic Pages
5 x Worksheets
2 x Checklists
1 x Timeline
1 x Arrow Flow Diagram
1 x Bingo Page
1 x Cheat Sheet
1 x Evaluation Form
1 x Quiz Sheet
1 x Do’s & Don’ts Page
1 x Notes Page
1 x Resources Page
1 x Thank You Page

It’s great for content creators, digital marketers and course creators.

You will also receive a Canva Basics PDF which gives you editing tips.

Size: A4


– You need a free Canva account. (www.canva.com)
– Click the link received in your receipt to open the template in your own Canva account.
– Edit any or all elements, mix and match pages, add new pages, do what you need to, to create your own products.
– It is advised that you customize this template on a desktop or laptop, and not on a mobile device.