20 Wedding Themed Instagram Templates

Sick of spending hours sat in front of your screen waiting for inspiration to strike?

You know what kind of look you want to create, but you just don’t have time to pull it all together.

This pack of 20 Instagram templates is just what you need to save you hours of time..

The photos are for demonstration purchases only. When you purchase your templates you will receive a blank holder to add your own imagery. Some of the imagery seen requires a Canva Pro account. If you are using a free Canva account you will need to find free imagery of your choice or upgrade. 

You will also receive a Canva Basics PDF which gives you editing tips.


– You need a free Canva account. (www.canva.com)
– Click the link received in your receipt to open the PDF file that contains the link to your templates.
– Edit any or all elements, mix and match pages, add new pages, do what you need to, to create your own products.
– It is advised that you customize this template on a desktop or laptop, and not on a mobile device.